Topic: diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma/bile duct cancer 3 months ago

I am done with radiation and have had three of six rounds of chemo.  The first 2 rounds produced major nausea and fatigue.  I had to have major spine surgery where there was a tumor separating it.  I am 43 yr old guy.

I am able to eat finally and focus on treatment management.  I could not really do this until now.  I get an updated Scan this week, but know that the cancer has spread to many areas already. 

Has anyone looked into CBD oil and extracts?  Please message me if so.

I am interested in other alternatives and additions to my treatment style and am now learning quite a bit.  I have been able to reduce my pain meds and manipulate my diet which has all worked together. 

Thank you

Re: diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma/bile duct cancer 3 months ago

You and your family have had a long and tumultuous 3 months since diagnosis. I'm glad to hear you're feeling a bit better, managing g the pain better and have your appetite back a bit.
I don't know about cannabis oil tx but if your me says it doesn't counteract w the chemo (and isn't harmful) then I would consider all options. Be careful of expensive natural "cures". Some could be hard on kidneys and liver so always tell your onc what you're wanting to try.  I believe in good nutrition to boost the immune system and support your body in its fight.
On the topic of symptom management (pain, nausea/lack of appetite), one of our caregivers on this board said her son benefitted greatly from medical marijuana taken by vaporizer (to cool and humidify it I think). Again, this was not for curative purposes. But to help him eat and be comfortable.
I'm thinking of you as you adjust to the diagnosis and hope you continue to stabilize so you can enjoy your family.