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I know a lot of us have been following the 12 year old Christopher.  Just wanted to share (i belonged to a page of his on FB) that he is now at peace and no longer suffering.  Another beautiful angel has been brought upon us.  Bless him and his family and may those shower them with love, support, and prayer.

Hope, love, strength...2013 and for the years to come, Porter.

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Sorry to hear this news Porter, very, very sad indeed. My thoughts go out to his family right now.

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Thanks for posting this Porter.  So Sad.  sad  Thoughts and prayers are with his family.

"One Day At A Time"

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Porter thank you, sometimes it is so hard to be a messenger. My deepest sympathies to this Angel's family.


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I am just so sadden by this news.  Got the news this wasn't a good day after that.  It did give me the patience for my students for the rest of the day knowing that any of us would give anything to have Christopher as a feisty, talkative student in their class for just another day.  My thoughts are with the family.  I know now is not the time for them, but for others that are grieving, a wonderful resource on facebook is transcending loss.  It always helped me get through those rough days without my mother.

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I've been following his mother's posts on FB.  I cannot imagine.  It is horrible losing my mom last year, but losing a son, so young.  I am at a loss for words.