Topic: Should I go to my mom's PET scan?

My mom has a PET scan next Tuesday to see if the Cholangio has spread to the bone and/or organs. If it has spread, she cannot have the resection.

She lives 4 hrs away from me, and my sister and father are going with her. Should I go too? I'm in school right now and have a test on April 3rd. Am I being selfish?


Re: Should I go to my mom's PET scan?

Lola, I don't believe you are being selfish as 4 hours is a long drive and down the road you may be needed more urgently for something else. As long as your Father and Sister are going I think that is fine. My own personal opinion. A PET is a walk in the park. Don't know if they will know the results right away. That is when you don't want your Mom to be alone as more than one set of ears is best to help take it all in. Good luck to your Mom.


Re: Should I go to my mom's PET scan?

Thanks Lainy,

I don't know, she had a CT scan last Wed morning and they called her with results that afternoon. It showed abnormal areas on her breast bone and spine. That's why they're doing the PET.

You're right. I don't want her to be alone when she gets the news.