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My dad is getting some bloating.  I would guess it is fluid build up in his abdomen.  Is this a bad sign?

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Truly Crissie, there are lots of reasons for the fluid build-up. Most likely it's related to the liver not working as well as it should. Are his liver numbers like AST, ALT and Alkaline phosphatase up? If that is the case then the fluid is ascites which happens when the blood from the body cannot pass through the liver as easily as it should, then some of the clear parts of the blood leaks out and causes the bloating. If it becomes uncomfortable for him they can drain it off called a paracentesis and if he gets it fast and often they can put a permanent drain in then it can be drained at home.
I would ask the doctor because it can also have other reasons and they may just be able to give him a diruetic (water pill) to make him urinate more of the fluid out.
I would definitely have him take his weight regularly to see how fast he starts gaining any fluids.


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Hi Crissie,

Sorry to hear this news about your dad. It could well be ascites like Kris says and my dad had this as well. This is something that you should discuss with your dads doctors and here is a link about ascites that may be of interest to you - … cites.aspx

There are also loads of posts on the site about ascites and the search function will throw them up for you if you want to read more about that.

My best wishes to you and your dad,


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