Topic: Anyone undergoing FOLFOX 6 plus Avastin chemo?

My father's chemo regimen is FOLFOX 6 plus Avastin (every 14 days, followed by 46 hours on the infusion pump at home through a Mediport).  I've read some postings about FOLFOX and would appreciate hearing from anyone who has experience with this or similar treatments.  The nausea is better since the ERCP last month but he has much fatigue, shortness of breath, and excuciating rectal/anas pain and hemorrhoids from the chemo. Thanks for any input.

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Re: Anyone undergoing FOLFOX 6 plus Avastin chemo?

Margaret... If your father is actually got bleeding hemorroids then he really should not be doing chemo in my opinion.  I'm doing a similiar treatment with the 46 hour cad pump and I've got three cycles so far and I will nont be doing another until things calm down with me.  This folfox is accumulative with each treatment and matters could get worst.  How many treatments has he had? 3-4 is more than enough to tell if it is doing any good or not.
Jeff G.
P.S.  Sorry had to go take the chicken out of the oven.  If your Father is having constipation and trying to hard to go to the bathroom he'll have a hemorroid situation.  He needs to take stool softeners so things go more naturally.  In reference to your other post... It sounds like they are given him the right meds to calm things down.  Although I don't know how he is applying or taking.  3 Years ago I went to the ER and they gave me a GI Cocktail which is Maylanta Double Strength, 30ML of 2% lidocaine, and Donnatal all mixed together which I drank.  I did not have hemorroid problems I was burning from the inside out and had to put out the fire. I don't know when you say pain, if it is mucsle or burning. In his case most likely both as this chemo after awhile will cause considerable pain due to the tightening and sporadic spasms.  Maybe change pain med to something more stronger like Morphine with hydromorphone back up for break through pain. There is no reason at all to have to put up with pain! Not in this day and age. Bag Balm for rectal area where it really needs to be, if you know what I mean.  Margaret, I'm so sorry your Father is going through this horrific situation but if he is still suffering, advocate loud and clear for the doctor to try something that works.
God Bless,
Jeff G.

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