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Does anyone have any good ideas for the relief of neuopathy (besides stopping oxaliplatin).  My dad is starting this and I want to be able to give him some ideas.

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It's something that builds up. It does go away between treatments. BUT it builds up. When it doesn't go away between treatments, they will stop the oxaliplatin. That may be 5 treatments, or 10. Or never. The best thing to do is keep warm socks and gloves around. And a scarf if necessary.
Room temp drinks are best. Or warm drinks.
There are some docs that will prescribe the drug for diabetic neuropathy. I never took it, and can't remember the name of it.
PLEASE don't put the cart before the horse, tho. Discuss your concerns with his onc. But maybe he will be one of the lucky ones that doesn't get it. Or at least doesn't get it badly.
I hope this helps.

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Re: oxaliplatin and neuropathy

Crissie -
I agree with Kris, don't put the cart before the horse. Everyone reacts differently to chemo. I would prepare for the cold sensitivity which seems to get to everyone at some point but again varies from person to person. Gloves, warm socks, warm drinks and sweaters seem to work best. Also have him be honest about any numbers or pins and needles that won't go away. My stubborn man wasn't honest and has some mild permanent neuropathy but he says he will live.
Hang in there. Remember we all react differently.


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Re: oxaliplatin and neuropathy

I don't have any great ideas but just wanted to let you know I am going through the same thing.  I am on my second treatment and I really started to set it after this infusion.  Mine is mainly due to the cold sensitivity.  Blessings to your dad and hopefully he can find a way to comfortably manage this.  As others have said I just try to be cautious of the cold and try and stay warm.

Hope, love, strength...2013 and for the years to come, Porter.