Topic: High Intensity MRI guided Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

My sister will have this relatively novel treatment for a bone met (rib). It's used when radiation is no longer an option. It's could be considered a form of ablation. Used both curative lay and palliatively.  Here's a little more info:
HIFU has been successfully applied in treatment of cancer to destroy solid tumors of the bone, brain, breast, liver, pancreas, rectum, kidney, testes, prostate.[9][10][11][12] At this stage, cancer treatments are still in the investigatory phases as there is a need to find more about their effectiveness.[citation needed]

HIFU has been found to offer palliative care. CE approval has been given for palliative treatment of bone metastasis.[13] Experimentally, a palliative effect was found in cases of advanced pancreatic cancer.[14]

HIFU may be used to create high temperatures not necessarily to treat the cancer alone, but in conjunction with targeted delivery of cancer drugs. For example, HIFU and other devices may be used to activate temperature-sensitive liposomes, filled with cancer drug "cargo" to release the drug in high concentrations only at the tumor site(s) only where triggered to do so by the hyperthermia device (See Hyperthermia therapy). This novel approach is resulting in drug concentrations 10 times or more than traditional chemo with a fraction of the side effects since the drug is not released system-wide.[citation needed]

In addition, several thousand patients with different types of tumors have been treated in China with HIFU using ultrasound image-guided devices built by several different companies.