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Well, on the subject of changing my focus from dwelling on the negative percentages of this disease, I am today making a list of things I am going to actually DO, to move in another direction.  Each day I sit and wallow in the negative numbers of CC, I lose another day of my life to this disease while I am still here on earth.  Twelve years ago, I survived a heart attack which I was told usually is a type that is fatal.  I remember feeling like I was waiting for the other shoe to drop because the doctors told me that they had no idea why I had the heart attack ....caused by a large blood clot completely, 100%, blocking a main artery.  I'm trying to also remember what changed, what I did to start looking at the future again without dread.  It was simple, I went about planning my own 50th birthday party, a month after the heart attack, did cardiac therapy, and got on with my life and didn't let the heart attack define and limit me. 

So, with that, two days ago, a friend drug me to her workplace (United Way) to utilize my artistic skills in designing and painting a window for an inhouse campaign fundraiser.  Now, I don't know if my artistic skills are all that great, but bless her for asking me and making that experience possible.  She has patiently stuck with me, calling me and cooking up things to do to get me out and about as I heal from surgery.  Oh, and this is the same friend who was here waiting at our house when I came home from a 3 hour ride from Mayo after my surgery.....with the table set.  She made us both sit down and then served us dinner that she had hot and waiting in my oven.  THAT is a friend!!! 

Today, lunch with the same friend and grocery shopping.  Tomorrow, lunch with another friend and Friday again lunch with retired friends.  Life is good.  This happens to be the week before my birthday and my gift to myself this year is giving me my life back. 

Julie T.

"Just for today, I can get through anything."  I'm a cancer survivor, not a doctor.  The opinions I state are my own, based on my personal experiences.    As always, talk to your doctor about your concerns and treatment.

Re: Redirecting my energy.....Oh what a friend

YIPPEE, Julie, it sounds like you have turned the corner!!! I can see it in your writing and you are so right, that is a true FRIEND! Good for you, girl. I know this sounds crazy but this site is what has done it for me. I wanted to pay it forward from all the help I got with Teddy and I became addicted. I could probably go almost anywhere in the World and meet up with someone from this family! I find that so amazing! For a while in December I was feeling down and tired out and told everyone I was taking of about 2 weeks. Well that lasted 2 days and I was back on. I wish we didn't need this site but if I am to have an addiction I can't think of a better one. I am so proud of you and glad you posted about lifting oneself up. Go, Julie, go!

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Re: Redirecting my energy.....Oh what a friend

Way to go...."that which we focus on becomes bigger".  Some very wise words a friend of mine installed in my mind years ago.

Wishing all God's blessings!