Re: On the whole, I've had better weeks

No, I hadn't, but I think it's still smart to get up out of my desk chair and move around during the day. Thanks for the reminder to do that. I tend to sit in front of my computer for far too long.

Impatient patient.

Re: On the whole, I've had better weeks

Duke and Lisa -
Yes you should get up and move around. Cancer has a tendency to make the blood clot differently, making you at higher risk for blood clots. I usually tell my patients, at least hourly when they are awake. At least stand up and march in place to get the blood moving. And then if you are traveling - especially by plane or car - to move around every couple of hours. In a car take break and get out and walk around, check out the sites, have a bite to eat. In a plane you can walk up and down the aisle. There are studies that show increased clots in people after flying or driving long distance even if perfectly healthy.

I do it too....sit in one spot, especially at the computer for too long. Usually the cat reminds me that she needs attention by getting in front of the screen.


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