Happy, Happy Birthday and I hope this new year brings you a wonderful trip around the sun!

I went to dinner last night for mine with my daughter, son and 1 of the Grandkids (others at College). Went to Teddy's and my favorite restaurant, Vincitorio's and they have an accordion player who is outstanding! He came to our table and played some of Teddy's favorites like Brian's Song, Mala Femina, Whey (sp) Marie. I can say this much that 74 feels the same as 73!!!  LOL

Hope you have a glorious day!

Teddy ~In our hearts forever~ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING
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Lainy,  Oh Lainy, thank you so much for the good wishes....and same back to you as well.  I loved your story about the dinner out and orb of light.  I truly do believe that was Teddy making another appearance to let you know he is still with you.  What a wonderful gift. 

Julie T.

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