Topic: Treatment for abdomal and incision pain after resection?

My mom has a lot of abdominal pain and on the incision itself. What has worked for anyone to alleviate the pain? Home remedies and/or meds.

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Re: Treatment for abdomal and incision pain after resection?

Lola you really need to call her ONC on this, something may not be what he would prefer her to take. Does she have pain pills? The only other suggestion is that when she is coughing or sneezing or just anytime....a pillow held against her tummy may help.


Re: Treatment for abdomal and incision pain after resection?

Lola -
I know you said they switched to Oxycodone, is it the form with Tylenol in it like Percocet or Roxicet? If it's NOT one of those then you may trying giving her some Tylenol 3-4 times during a day. The narcotics work in the brain to change your perception of the pain so you have pain but don't care. The Tylenol works out on the area where the pain comes from. If her pain med has Tylenol in it then don't double up.
I would also do as Lainy said and give her a small pillow to hold against her belly to splint the area when she coughs, sneezes, laughs or moves around.
Also gas can be an issue. Something like Simethicone (Gas-X) can help break up the gas bubbles.
Give the surgeon or ONC a call to see if there is anything else to do and if you should be worried.


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Re: Treatment for abdomal and incision pain after resection?

Sorry that your mom is having a lot of pain with her abdomen and incision.  While on the oxycodone I also alternated with ibuprofen throughout the day after my surgery.  I also had to stay on top of gas and constipation and took stool softeners and senakoat to help alleviate with those symptoms.  I found holding a pillow very helpful and in fact had body pillows around which I liked even better.  I also had something by bed by the night stand to help alleviate some of my weight to help me get in and out of bed which was very useful smile  I hope she feels better soon.

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Re: Treatment for abdomal and incision pain after resection?

Lola,  My incisions didn't cause that much pain, except for the first two days post surgery as long as I was stationary.  As soon as I moved, they hurt.  The hospital did offer Oxycodone, which helped considerably and we timed taking it for shortly before my getting out of bed and walks.  Otherwise, in-between, they gave me large doses of Advil or Tylenol.  I still had to take medications for a couple weeks after I got home before I felt more comfortable and well enough to ditch them.   Gas pains were indeed a problem the night before and day I was to be released.  They ordered milk of magnesia on top of the stool softener I'd asked for the day after surgery (they said they'd never had anyone ask for it, but I know that with narcotics, constipation is a problem because I'd helped with the marketing research of a long acting narcotic) and didn't want the problem to get too bad.  I also had requested prune juice.  smile   By the time I had used all three.....success.....and no more gas pains.  I kept using the stool softener or prune juice after I got home as long as I was using the oxycodone, even if it wasn't every day.

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