Topic: FEAR

F E A R has two meanings:

Forget Everything and Run


Face Everything and Rise

Zi Ziglar

I've never considered the running part....but forgetting it would be a relief sometimes.   But, facing everything is the ONLY way for me ....I will have control of this cancer....not it having control of me.  Crappy cancer.....this is on MY terms...not yours!!!

"Just for today, I can get through anything."  I'm a cancer survivor, not a doctor.  The opinions I state are my own, based on my personal experiences.    As always, talk to your doctor about your concerns and treatment.


Amen, sister

Impatient patient.


In addition to corn, Iowa grows fighters.  Rock it!

Fighting with dignity, not desperation.  Live, Laugh, Love - One Day at a Time. 
The past has passed.
"Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning."  JM Barrie