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Please feel free to click on the link above to see my Inspirational Speech at our Annual Relay For Life.  A $1,000 donation is given to the  Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation from our funds raised for the ACS. We came in first for most money raised at just over $10,000.

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Patty...what an incredible event for you and for all attending.  Thanks for sharing with our community.  You are an inspiration to us all.


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Dear Patty, you are fabulous, fabulous! I so loved the way you presented yourself with those first 3 words and I wish we could put your attitude in some jars and give it out to others. We also appreciate the generous donation to our Organization! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

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Great speech!! Funny, moving and inspirational.

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That was great Patty!



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Patty,  Thanks for sharing this with all of us.  You have a wonderful attitude and this was an amazing presentation.  Darla

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Thank you, Patty!!


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That was amazing Patty!!! Thanks for sharing that with us all and for the fund raising as well! You rock big time!!!



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Patty, I KNEW what those first three words were going to be ....I asked myself, "What would I say?"  And, there was no other choice than, "I am alive."  Your speech was incredible and an inspiration.  I am lying here in a hospital bed ....recovering from a shower of blood clots in my lungs and another in my leg.  I, too, have intrahepatic CC, except I was fortunate enough to have surgery 9 weeks ago to remove  a section of my liver with the main tumor and one tiny one and be diagnosed at T2b.  If the cancer didn't scare me enough, the blood clots came close to finishing the job.  But, as you said, "I AM ALIVE!"  Chemo will restart eventually, I will trust in God that this is his kill off microscopic cancer cells we don't know that are actually there, with chemo that hasn't been studied to work in this case.  Twelve years ago, at the age of 49, I survived a type of heart attack, which usually kills its victims. At the time, I came to the conclusion that God wasn't finished with me yet....that he had a plan and I still had work to do before leaving this earth.  I just needed a "not so gentle reminder." HE was right, of course.  My own son needed me.  Now, HE is telling me again, that I have something yet to do, and I've asked Him to show me what's to do this time. Right now, it seems he's busy getting my attention. Well, Lord, you've got it.  Now, let's get on with living and let me execute your plan.  Thank you, Patty,  for everything you do to raise awareness of CC and for sharing your story in the way you do.  You give all of us hope and remind us of what is important.  You give us renewed hope.

Julie T.

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Thank you all for the positive comments! I AM ALIVE and today as I sat outside sipping on my coffee, amidst a woods with birds chirping, squirrels shimmying up and down trees, wildflowers blooming everywhere.....and a few weeds..... that God is always there. I just said a silent "Thank You God!"  We all have no choice but to march on until we can march no more. I am blessed with the CC Foundation....and all of you on this site.  Keep on Marching!!!