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Update on Lisa
By David Craine — 6 hours ago

I wanted to give everyone an update on Lisa's recovery from triple Hernia Surgery. It has been 5 weeks today since surgery, and Lisa is starting to move around better without a great deal of pain.  She is not pain free but it has gotten much better.  Her incision has healed really nicely and looks as good as a 12" incision can look.  The healing process has moved along at a slow pace but  hopefully in a couple of months Lisa will feel pretty good.  As many of you know in dealing with cancer, you are only as good as your latest bloodwork or scan shows.  Lisa had her two tumor markers drawn on Monday and the results are excellent!  Both the CA19-9 and the CEA went down from 8 weeks ago.  They were 27 for the CA19-9 and .7 for the CEA, those are both in the normal range.  So we are very happy about those test results!!!  Thanks to everyone who has continued to keep Lisa's health in your prayers we really appreciate it because it continues to work. God has continued to watch over her and we need his help everyday.  It is hard to believe but in August of this year it will have been four years since Lisa's first surgery. Please keep praying for her because even though she has had some good results lately we still have a long way to go to put this issue behind us.  May God's Love and Peace be with you.

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Re: Update on Lisa from David

Dear David and Lisa, David thank you so very much for the update, you have a beautiful way of expressing your posts and of course we are elated that Lisa is moving along upwards! That gets a big YIPPEE in my book. Sending prayers and good vibes, I know she is going to do even great but hard to believe it's going to be 4 years! She is some kind of fighter and I just want to give another YIPPEE!

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Re: Update on Lisa from David

David and Lisa,
Thank you for this update! I have been concerned and it is not like Lisa to be out of touch so long. So sorry to hear her recovery has been so painful.  Thank goodness it is subsiding enough for her to be able to walk around more.
Lisa, sending you love and blessings,


Re: Update on Lisa from David

David,  Thank you so much for the update on Lisa.  Glad to hear she is beginning to feel better and that everything is looking good.   As always, my thoughts and prayers are with you both.  Take care.

Love & Hugs,

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Re: Update on Lisa from David

David....sending big hugs to both you and Lisa.  Tell her that I am thinking of her.  I knew it might be a rough recovery from the hernia surgery as I had remembered my husband's hernia repair.  I hope that this is now the start of better things to come for you both.  You're both in our thoughts and prayers.

Julie T.

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Re: Update on Lisa from David

Sending great well wishes to both of you. Glad to hear that Lisa is doing so well and that the numbers are down.


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Re: Update on Lisa from David

David...thanks for filling us in.  As Willlow mentioned, it's been some time and hearing that she is recovering slowly but consistently makes us feel better too. 
Hugs to Lisa, you and your wonderful boys.


Re: Update on Lisa from David

THanks for the update on Lisa David. Real glad to hear this news and hoping that Lisa continues to make good progress.

My best to you and Lisa,


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Re: Update on Lisa from David

Great news David.  Thank you for the update and good wishes to Lisa that she continues on the up.



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Re: Update on Lisa from David

Thanks for the great update! I hope that Lisa continues to heal as nicely from the surgery.

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