Re: good and bad (mostly good)

Sorry you landed back in the hospital. Ugh! Unknown and out of control fevers stink! I'm glad it sounds like you're back... Hopefully you can get out of and stay out of the hospital for quite some time! You have a great attitude, and that helps.

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Re: good and bad (mostly good)

Derin -
I know how you feel about the hospital. We did thirty-five days between June and September. I think we should get a punch card and when you get so many stays in the hospital, you get a free week somewhere a resort with sun, sand and NO Needles.
My husband had three rounds of sepsis after his surgery and they never really did figure out why. They thought scar tissue and narrowing of the new bile ducts but they never did say for sure. Hate that.

Good Luck at staying out of the hospital.


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Re: good and bad (mostly good)

Hoping things stay calm for you. Sending good thoughts.

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Re: good and bad (mostly good)

Hi Derin,

Sorry to hear about your longer stay in the hospital, grrr to hospitals! Know how you feel about them having made over at least a hundred trips to our local in the last 5 years with my mum and dad. Hope things get sorted and loads of positive thoughts coming your way.

My best wishes to you,


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Re: good and bad (mostly good)

OK, I ended up being in the hospital until the 12th of March, something like 23 out of 26 days. But, I'm good now! I had a multitude of angioplasty type procedures, the last one having a 16 French tube installed. Biggest one they have. They couldn't just pull the tube out (too big) so every 2 weeks I went in for a drain tube downsizing. When the 16 French was in, it wasn't thru the scar tissue, so everything was flowing normally. They reduced to 14 French, it passed thru the scar tissue, no issues, 12 French passed thru but ended up with a slight infection, was growing different germs than what my antibiotics killed, switched antibiotics and attached an external drain. 2 weeks later, went in for another downsizing to a 10 French which didn't pass thru the scar tissue and was called a 'capping trial' since there wasn't an external bag either. I did bloodwork, but my liver enzymes were up, so in for another tube downsizing to an 8 French (smallest one they make for biliary drains). Doc thought the 10 French tube was affecting the liver function, and ultimately it was.  I did bloodwork Tuesday after the procedure (which was on Thursday the week before) and my liver functions were down but not quite in the normal range. Waited until Friday (this would be last Friday) to do bloodwork, results Monday came back normal, so I ran as fast as I could to the hospital where Dr. Perrin (interventional radiologist at Sarasota Memorial) pulled that freaking tube out of me!!! So... now I just have a bandage over the 'hole' that is healing. I do have some serious irritation due to all of the medical tape I was using but I'm wiping the area with prep wipes to reduce irritation. It isn't draining any more (when he first took the tube out, bile practically shot out of my abdomen!) which is a good sign, I think Monday I can start the exercise process again!

Anyway, there's the long and short of it. Oh yeah, at Sloan they did do bile duct scrapings and everything came back negative so there is no recurrence at all. If this issue happens again, which they told me prior to the surgery that it could, I can deal with it no problem! The alternative is way worse for sure!


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Re: good and bad (mostly good)

Yikes, Derin I couldn't wait to get to the ending to make sure you are OK and you are better than OK. Thank God for French tubes and French fries! Keep it going my friend. Good to see you though.


Re: good and bad (mostly good)

Wow Derin, you have been through a lot, but bottom line is you are good now.  Glad to hear that.  Keep the good news coming.


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Re: good and bad (mostly good)

Glad you are home and cancer free!!  Sorry to hear you had to go through so much.

take care,