Topic: Skin cancer trial results 'exciting'

This story is all over the UK media today and I thought I would post some links to it here in case some had not see n it. Very encouraging news for immunotherapy for skin cancer but from what I have read, it seems that the drugs involved are being trialed for other cancers as well. Let's hope that they work as well for all cancers and it seems that there is much good news coming out for immunotherapy treatments.

Skin cancer trial results 'exciting'.

New skin cancer drug hailed 'paradigm shift' in treatment.

"Dr David Chao, Consultant Medical Oncologist, Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust, said: “Pembrolizumab looks like it has potential to be a paradigm shift for cancer therapy."

"The new drug is being evaluated for use in 30 types of cancer." … tment.html


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