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Hi all, just thought I would post this for whatever it’s worth. 
So last Saturday I took my dad for a reiki session.  I am not really familiar with how it works, but a friend swears by it and kindly arranged the session  so we just went ahead.  I don’t want to speculate anything here, so I won't describe the treatment process.  However, for the 3 days after my dad got significantly better.  The pain subsided, he was able to walk around the house without the crane, his voice got louder and color returned to his face.  He is someone who only believes in science and western medicine, so I did not want to make a big deal out of it by pointing anything out.  Being Chinese, he doesn't even want to try TCM.  However my mom, brother and husband all noticed the difference after the reiki session.
Now I have always believed that having a positive attitude is the key to everything.  I am not a religious person, but I know having beliefs is important.  I really hope my dad’s open to continuing the sessions, as it does not interfere with his other treatments.  I don’t think he’s 100% onboard, but at least having an open mind will help.
I was told that a friend’s uncle lived another 7 years after having bone mets, so I am hopeful.  I will keep posting on this Reiki treatment if anyone’s interested.  My dad’s blood test and next chemo session is scheduled for tomorrow, so fingers crossed.  His next reiki session is end of the month.
We must stay positive,

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Val....keep posting about this treatment.  If it works as well for others as it does for your Dad then you have done a good deed.  Thanks much, dear Val, and continued success for your dear Dad.


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Dear Val, Reiki really relaxes a person but not sure about Reiki with this cancer, let's stay realistically optimistic. What ever works without interfering with the ONC's choice of treatment can't hurt. Thanks for the update and please let us know how it goes.

Teddy ~In our hearts forever~ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING
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Hi Val,

My dad used to get reiki massages when he had this cancer as well. They gave him them to try and help him to relax and help him sleep better as he was having real trouble sleeping. He was a bit sceptical at first but tried it with an open mind. Someone came to his house to do it for the first time and after a few minutes of the first session he was snoozing big time!!! He then started getting them twice a week at the day care center he was going to and he loved them and they helped him relax big time!

Here's a few links for you - … ancer.aspx

Hope that they continue to work for your dad.

My best wishes to you and your dad,


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Many thanks for the encouraging words, Marion Lainy and Gavin.  Lainy - Indeed I am a pragmatic person, and try to avoid becoming "superstitious". (think FengShui etc)  At times, I just want to believe in miracles too, as we do need a little bit of that...
thanks again and i will keep posting.

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Just wanted to add my thoughts.  I am a Reiki practioner.  After my husband transitioned I wanted a way to help others in their healing processes.  Reiki is a wonderful alternative therapy to be used in conjunction with mainstream medicine or by itself.  Many of the larger hospitals are finally starting to acknowledge the benefits of Reiki for the patient and offer the services.  We are all made of energy and Reiki is a method of moving the energy where it is needed/out of balance.  Reiki seeks to ease stress and tension and produce a balanced, relaxed state for the body and mind.

Wishing all God's blessings!