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We all know what a drain this can be mentally as well as physically. I've been dealing with the mentally part. Added to that I've had a summer cold that won't quit, and I disappeared from most everything, not just here.
But I read Lainys post and it's time to stop feeling depressed and get back to doing what needs to get done.
So "I'm baacckkk!!"

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Re: Sorry I've been missing

Yea, Cookie!  I would love it if you would start thinking about paying me a visit when it gets too cold in the East this winter. In fact told Darla it would be great if she came in when you do. You and I already know we can get along in a small space as long as we let each other talk a little!!!  LOL
AND I plan to go in to remission by then with the UC!


Re: Sorry I've been missing

glad to have you back Kris! and hoping that you are feeling better both physically and mentally.  It's a wise person who knows their need to pull back and regenerate.

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Re: Sorry I've been missing

Welcome Back Kris.  smile

"One Day At A Time"

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Re: Sorry I've been missing

Well back Kris. Hope you are feeling better. I understand about the draining part....I have days like that....then I remember what my grandma used to say..."Any day your feet hit the floor is a good day!" smile


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Re: Sorry I've been missing

Welcome back Kris, great to see you again! Summer colds, big grrrrrr to that, I hate them! They seem hard to shift when you get one. Visiting Lainy for the winter sounds like just the ticket to me and hoping that you are feeling better both mentally and physically too.

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Re: Sorry I've been missing

Welcome back! I always say that cancer is a mental and physical diagnosis. So glad to you are back. Can't wait to read about your karaoke and bike riding, I live vicariously through your adventures...hehehe!

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