Topic: Gem alone?? Or Gem/cis radiation?

After my mothers resection from Dr. Chapman we returned to Ct and are now under the care of Dr. Abou-Alpha at MSK. He is the author of the free CC book that was just published. Standard of care says gem/cis only prolonging out come by 3 months. I was happy that Dr.  Abou put my mom on only gem. It was not bad at all...although she would still gripe that she could only run 3 or 4 miles a day instead of her pre cancer regimen of 10 miles. My point is that she was able to still have a quality of life while on Chemo, the doctor said they were moping up cells. There were 3 nodes involved so they out her on gem only.   
Our Dr. Also said that there was no need to radiate that there was nothing to radiate?? So many mention radiation after surgery?? Any thoughts?

Re: Gem alone?? Or Gem/cis radiation?

I had 5FU after my first resection but when I finished I developed two new tumors so I had a second resection followed by Gem/Cis and  when I finished I developed new tumors. My radiologist said after both surgeries that I did not need radiation because there was nothing to radiate and they can't just blast the liver. When I did have radiation(steriotactic) it was aimed at two new tumors and the radiation worked very well. Sounds like your Mom is getting excellent care.

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