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In our "excitement" to start radiation yesterday, I completely forgot to ask the doctor or anyone if their doctor had ever used the word "worrisome". Teddy's PET Scan showed the cancer to be contained in the one area we knew about however he said some lymph nodes looked worrisome. I neglected to ask him what he meant. My brother is a CPA in TN and one of his clients is one of the men who invented the PET Scan! He asked him what worrisome meant and he said he did not know what the doctor meant as with the PET Scan an area either lights up or not. Meaning you have it or you do not. I thought we would wait until our next doctor visit but it is on my mind. Hope I don't sound too ignorant about this.


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I dont know what it means in relation to a PET scan, but I did have a "suspicious" lymph node back in January that they did a puncture test on and it turned out to be nothing. So just because the doctors are concerned, doesnt mean it has to be bad. I know this will not stop you thinking and worrying about it, but I hope it lessens that somewhat.


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