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I'm soooo glad that this last week was my chemo "resting" week, as I started to feel really pretty decent again about Tuesday, just in time for my husband's cake and punch work reception for his retirement after almost 42 years with the same company.  I had frosted and decorated the 5 cakes for his party the day before and I was pretty tired and still queasy off and on, but got the job done.  We had just also celebrated our 3 year old grandson's birthday the Sunday before, and grammy Julie did that cake too, of course.  On Thursday, my brother and wife arrived (from Nashville) to stay for several days.  Then on Friday, we hosted a retirement party after work hours for about 35 close friends and family at a local restaurant.  It was a WONDERFUL week....tiring....but so good.  The chemo side effects seemed to suddenly clear up by Wednesday and after that, I really had a lot more energy.  The last queasiness/ dry heaves happened Tuesday night.  When I pushed myself, I did break out in a sweat several times.  My husband face instantly looked more relaxed though when he showed up at Friday lunch without his badge.  His boss had told him to just take the afternoon off and start retirement early.  smile  So, we're both now retired....and looking forward to the time my chemo ends ...hopefully in a couple months...and hopefully a clean scan......and we can start to really enjoy retirement.  Right now though, there's a pool on whether hubby will get up Monday morning and start to get ready to go to work.  smile

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Great Post, Julie and now let the 2nd honeymoon begin. Funny the strength we can pull on when we need to get things done. Good job Cake Lady!


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Cake Lady
Wow...way to go...wish we could see pictures of your delicious creations...I love CAKE

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Re: Whirlwind Week....Retirement

Did someone mention cake again??? smile

Sounds like you both had a great week Julie! Hope that you both enjoy your retirement, and your cakes as well!



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Good job Cake Lady!  smile  Wishing you both the best in retirement.


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