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Hi All,

The abdomen of my mum has been swollen day by day and this makes her very uncomfortable . It is probably ascities . However ,her doctor doesn't recommend us to drain it since it will occur again in a few days .The drainage will make her very tired and it will be very difficult to replace the necessary liquids which proteins and minerals.
Do you have any idea who has tried it before ? Is it really so ?
Also ,when she lies down, she starts to cough . It becomes very difficult for her to get sleep although she needs sleeping so much .

My mum is 71 years old and no treatment has been suggested us , neither surgery nor chemotherapy.

Thanks a lot,
Take care..

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Re: Ascities and coughing

My husband had something similar. They did drain the ascities (7 litres) and it made him more comfortable but it recurred within a couple of week, when they drained another 5litres. It did affect him badly making him very weak and unable to eat. The drainage is a very simple procedure and does make the patient more comfortable but it does deprive them of protein and minerals. The drainage can also be a big shock to the system and in my husband's case he had very low blood pressure as a result. It's a difficult call.

M also had coughing and brought up frothy clear mucous. These things happened a few days before he died, so it may be as well to prepare yourselves. I hope that your mother will be more comfortable and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Hi Patricia,

Thanks so much  for your sincere reply.
It is really difficult to decide if we have to make it drained or not. But in fact I do not want it . My mum eats very little and it is impossible to re-gain the things that she lost with this small eating. So I am afraid of that we can come to the end of the road much more quicker.
Your husband's case is very similar to my mum's , I think.
I read all your mails . I feel deeply sorry but at least he was in peace and ease without any pain. This is our consolation also. My mum has not pain and I hope she does not have it in the coming days.

She still stays at home .My dad mostly looks after her . She will loose her 40 year wife and they love each other very much . He is so sorry .
My mum's doctor does not want her to stay in the hospital . I am not sure which one is better, to stay at home or in the hospital.
I do not know what we will come across through the end but the doctor says that she will sleep deeply in a few days before she passes away . To talk about those things make me  mad but I want to learn about it. Is it really so ?
Sorry for making you upset that I made you remembered the experiences  with your husband.

Take care Patricia..

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Hi Figen,
If I were your mother or your father I would want to stay at home and be with the people who care about me and not with strangers however caring they are. At the end my husband had no pain and he was even sitting up and talking the day before. He did not die in his sleep he looked at me very intently as if he wanted to say something to me and then off into the distance as if he was seeing something else not in the room and then he passed away.
We the family are glad he was at home. My doctor said his nightmare is to die in an ambulance on the way to  the hospital.  Let your father decide and be there to support him, would be my advice.
I understand what your father is going through, I also was with my husband for 38 years and I miss him dreadfully. One of the few consolations in the whole thing is that he was with us at home when he died; he would not have gone into hospital again however serious his situations.
be strong for both your mother and your father.
Take care of yourself

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Hi Patricia,

Thanks so much for your couraging words. It really makes me feel good.

My mum is feeling very bad for 2 days. She has a terrible itch and also she has nausea . She vomits everthing she eats. However, she was feeling very good 2 days ago . We spoke all evening , she didn't lie down and sleep , she was very happy . She played with my little daughter. What happened now , I do not know !
Today, I will take another doctor to my mum who is a neighbour to us . When I tell him about her coughing , he said that it could be because of her heart since she coughs while she's lying down. He will examine her today .

I want to know how long time we have , but I guess we don't have so much time although I do not want to tell it to myself.

Take care of you ,

Re: Ascities and coughing

It's a cliche for the living that we should live each day as if it was our last. For those who are near the end of their lives, we the living should try to make sure that every minute is a good one. For me that means having family around me, talking about our lives and feeling loved and cherished.
I am thinking of you and your mother and send you my very best wishes.

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Figen, I too wish you and your Mother, and your family, all the best. Enjoy your Mum while you can, and as UK Memeber says, make each day as good as possible.All the best to you, I think of you often and wish you all well. xx

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I am sorry that you are having this happen with your mother. I am in the same place as you. What I have read is that the ascites puts pressure on the lungs and that causes the cough. It is so difficult to see them throw up all the time. If it were just one symptom or another it would be more tolerable, but it is so many all alt once. I hope you have peace and that your mother doesn't suffer.

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Kate and Patricia,
Thanks a lot for your kind wishes. This web site does really help me to be strong with such kind  friends . All my best wishes for you also..Take care ...

I've just read your ex-mails about your dad. I am so sorry . How old is your father ?

Unfortunately, no treatment is suggested for my mum .  My mum is 71 years old and the doctor told that it would be so difficult to stand the side effects of chemo which will not regress the tumor.

I wish you, your father and your family all the best. Take care...

Re: Ascities and coughing

First, I am sorry to hear that you all are suffering in the same way with trying to help a family member or friend deal with this horrible disease.

I write because my father also deals with severe ascites which has now spread to his legs.  He has trouble eating due to his distended abdomen and now trouble walking due to the build up of fluid in his legs.

At first he was getting drained at the hospital (first time 5 litres and second time another 5 litres) until finally they decided to place a permanent cathethor in him so that he can "self-drain" at home.  This allows him to drain about 1 litre a day (pending his blood pressure).

I was wondering if the ascites was associated with the much later stages (of already late stage) cc.  I review the family profiles quite often and see that the other do not suffer from ascites (besides D. Peterson who seems to have the same troubles).   

Further, please advise if there is any other relief known besides the draining.

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From my experience I think that severe and repeated ascites is associated with late stage cc. My husband had some ascities after his operation in December and then nothing until April when he had 7 litres drained and then 5 litres two weeks later and on the day thta he died we were making arrangements to have the acites drained yet again. It's not a procedure without risk it deprives the body of protein and can severely reduce blood pressure.
According to the blogs som people in the US are taking something call Laxcis (??) for o'water retention' I don't know if that is oedema or ascities.
I'm sorry I can't be more helpful but my thoughts are with you and your father at this difficult time.

Re: Ascities and coughing

Thank you for the quick you know, with such little information out there -- we only have one another to rely upon.

Yes, we have Lasix in the US but it has done very little for my father.  I suppose it works if the ascites was not so severe.

My concern is also that my father is experiencing the same coughing with the vomiting of the white foam as this earlier post, and as I believe you said, your husband did too.

I keep trying to imagine that he will be able to go on and his life will be prolonged with the chemotherapy (Xeloda) that is is taking, however, I loose hope due to the sight of his abdomen, legs and reports of his coughing and vomiting foam. 

I am a true believer in that the body is the master of all healers and it is the body that gives us signs of illness...these to me are not good signs. 

I am sorry to hear about your husband and just as sorry for anyone who suffers from this horrible heart goes out to all.