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My dad had the Whipple in March after presenting as jaundice and diagnosed within a week with cc. He is having weekly chemo as a prevention (gemzar) and seems to be doing really well, no digestive issues exercising daily and now I have read up on essiac tea which is a blend of 4 natural herbs that have indicated being an aid to tumor shrinkage and immune boosting, has anyone tried this? We are willing to try anything as we lost our mum to bowel cancer last year aged 53 and now dad aged 51 has this all within 8 months of mum dying, so I know what expect with cancer and this time we want to tackle it all ways

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Hi Sunny,

Welcome to the site. My dad never tried Essiac tea so I can't share any personal experiences here with you but I did a search on the site and came up with with some posts by some of the members on this. They can be found here - … 1359561734

I do hope that this helps your dad and please let us know how things go for him. And do keep coming back here, we are here for you.

My best wishes to you and your dad,


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