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Hi Rick,
    Wondering why UPMC is not on the list of Hospitals? They are a BIG liver cancer center, in fact, they I understand they did the first liver transplants in this country, abd they just did the surgery on my husband that Mayo would not do - Would like to see that Univercity of Pittsburgh added to the list. What do you think? Incidentally, thanks for the job that you do for us - fantastic.


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If you scroll down the complete listing of cancer hospitals, you will see that UPMC is listed. … ers.htm#PA

The 10 or 11 hospitals at the top of the Major Cancer Center page are just the few that we've come across that have ongoing cholangio research.  As noted at the top of the Major Cancer Center page, the list is not comprehensive, and the list is evolving. 

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  I do note that UPMC has some recent publications related to cholangio.  We'll look into it further, and update accordingly.


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Re: Adding UPMC to Hospital list

Hi Rick ----One suggestion.  Across the top of menu topics would it be possible without major redesign to add in big black uppercase letters "MENU" and then the words (Point and click for related topics).  This would benefit those individuals who may not be as computor literate as much as others.  Rick ,if nobody has told you lately, your the best and thanks for your savy support.
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