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I am about to consent to having this new drug administered. It is experimental and works in conjunction with FOLFOX4. FOLFOX4 consists of oxaliplatin and 5-fluorouacil/leucovorin.

The VEGF stands for Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor which causes tumor growth by causing the growth of new blood vessels from normal tissues into tumors. This treatment is designed to cut off the blood supply to these tumors thus their growth.

Surgery is not an option for me. I have a soft ball sized tumor in my liver, a golf ball sized tumor next to my pancreas and multiple tumors on my lungs. The source of all this is the cholangiocarcinoma in my biliary duct.

I am trying to find anyone who has any experience or information.

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Darthmouth Hitchcock Medical Center is running Phase I trial on VEGF right now.   It's VEGF with Gemccitabine but I have not found any of their results yet.

Good luck.  I hope the VEGF works well for you.


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Keep us updated on this goes for you.  This will be an interesting one to follow.


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I just found out that because I have a blood clot in my portal vein in my liver that I have failed the screening test and will not be able to participate in the trial.

Evidently, the VEGF Trap induces clotting.