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Topic: Hope is in the Air

I'm back.............

Roses are red violets are blue, Hope is in the air, whizzing all around you!
Take a deep breath to ease your mind and hope .hope ,hope, all will be fine.

Take it to the Limit,One More Time! (Eagles)

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Re: Hope is in the Air

Well DANG, DOUBLE DANG, Jeff, if you aren't a poet but you don't know it!

Back at ya, Big Boy!

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Friends can be  powerful support for you,
Just let  negative feelings be listed under THEFT and tune into our guru Jeff!

Now here is a diamante:  words in our mind are powerful; cling to Hope
Where there is life, there is hope (Brian Jacques)

                                   Inspirational, Peaceful                       
                         Enrichening, Strengthening, Empowering
                          Christ, Life,       Darkness, Abandonment   
                             Sneaking, Robbing, Frightening
                                    Cancerous, Barren

My prayers for all of you,

Re: Hope is in the Air

Sophie, You have to give me a day or two to top that one. Ha! Ha! Ha! Made my evening!

God Bless Ya!

Take it to the Limit,One More Time! (Eagles)