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First I have to say that i

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Hello, you found a wonderful site, but I'm sorry it had to be under these circumstances.  Most of the other warriors on this site have a wealth of information, and they have been so many places.  They also are pretty savy about cc hospitals and great cc doctors,  but I can tell you the 4 best rated cancer hospitals in the U.S. 

MD Anderson - Houston, Texas
Memorial Sloan Kettering - New York, New York
Johns Hopkins - Baltimore, MD
Mayo Clinic - Rochester, Minnesota

I'm going to seek out a second opinion on Stanford Cancer Center because they invented the Cyberknife. 

My best wishes for your father and your family, and, of course, prayers for you.


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Dear Sophie,

Thank you very much for such a fast answer... It is amazing how we find help everywhere to keep walking.... and keep believing...

We will choose one of them and I will keep informed of waht is going on.


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Dear Monileoni,  Sorry to hear about your Dad.  He sounds motivated to fight this disease which is good.  If you point to the link cholangiocarcinoma above, a list of Major US Cancer Centers with contact information is provided.  There are a few and I might suggest that you make copies of scans and history of treatments, plus surgery and choose three or four and send for consultation with Surgeons and if surgery is still not an option, ask them to Refer to their Oncology Departments.  Monileoni, It is up to you but I think you would be saving alot of time by forwarding medical records first.
I do agree with Sophie of above Cancer Centers, would be a good start.  If you can afford it, you can make enough copies and send to all places at the same time would be great. Just need some one to coordinate appropriately.
Wish your Dad the best possible outcome!

God Bless,
Jeff G.

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Re: Need Informations about medical centers

Dear Jeff,
You are are such a inspiration for all of us... I remember that every time that I was feeling down I would come here and read all of your encouraging words and my soul &mind would feel fine again.
Thank you for the informations you gave us... We will do it.
And.... We wish you all the best also. You are in my prayers.