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Hi everyone,
Just got back from the oncologist and it's very bad news as I suspected.
Johns cancer has come back with a vengence. He has more large tumors in his liver, it has grown extremely large in his pancreas.

The Dr. thinks he should be in hospice but John is refusing to give up. The Dr. has given him a chemo in pill form he takes daily, Tarceva. She explained it has only a 10-15 % of stabilizing the cancer growth.

Dr. Nelson is going to check him in two weeks to check that he has no bad reaction to the drug.

My heart is absolutely breaking. It could be as short as a few weeks until he passes. He's lost another 12 lbs in 3 weeeks!

I'm trying to stay calm and act very positive with John but I can hardly keep from breaking down. On top of everything else I have no life insurance to pay for his funeral, I asked his brother for help and was told he didn't think he could because he had put a big chunk of money on a "new toy for himself".
OMG, I don't know how much more I can take. I feel so totally alone. All my family is out of state and don't have the means to help me.
Does anyone know of an agency or something in California that can help me?

Please please someone help me find help. I don't know where to turn.


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My heart is absolutely breaking for you right now.  I just fell apart reading your post.  I am sooo very sorry.  This is just not fair what this cancer does to us.  I am so sick of living in fear everyday wishing for a different life.  I will search for programs that might be able to help.  I just wanted to let you know that my prayers are with you and John.  How strong he is to continue the fight.  You know he fights for you.  What city do you live in? 

Crying as I type,

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Thank you, thank you, I live in San Francisco. We live with his Mom who is 89 and I'm trying to care for her too.
I really am losing what mind I have left.
God bless you,

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I dont know what to say or do to make this easier for you. I wish I could. I will continue to pray for you and John.


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We are so very sad for you. Its just more than a human should have to bare.
It has brought to mind something that perhaps we should all think about who belong to our elite group.
Has anyone thought about a fund set up by donations and managed by someone we all choose, to help in situations like yours? While we donate what we can to aid Cancer research what about those of us living this life now? You are not the first and sadly not that last who will have a problem in this manner.
The fund could be only for our organization and sadly for cases like this.  Maybe I am stretching my brain but I feel so helpless. In the meantime our thoughts and prayers go with you. I always tell my kids when things are at the lowest some miracle happens to turn them around. They tell me I am right, so hope I am right with you!


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I imagine that hospice has answered this question before so I would ask them.
There is usually an organization that can assist with burial costs, doing a quick search I came up with this organization that might have some info:

United Way operates a hotline that provides referrals for all sorts of needs, just call 211 from within San Francisco. Outside of San Francisco, call
(800) 273-6222.
Also, the San Francisco Department of Human Services:

170 Otis Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Telephone: (415) 557-5000

I will keep looking.

Just found this one in the Bay Area:

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Charlene,  I, like Kris, don't have a clue as what to say.  My heart hurts for you and your family....please know that Lee, Emilee and I will say a very special prayer for you and John tonite.