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Topic: my mom slipped away

My mom slipped away peacefully last night, she was a warm and funny woman, the kind of person who struck up conversations with strangers in K-mart.

I feel worst for my nieces and nephew who lost their other grandma this past October, they don't think it's fair. From my other posts, you may know that my sister has a new baby, he will be one month old on Sunday, and my other sister has a one-year-old boy and they will never know the sound of her laugh.

I promise not to be a stranger to this board, people affected by weird cancers have to stick together. As I mentioned before, I am a librarian and will try to help out with questions posed on the board that require some digging.

thanks for caring,


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I am sorry for your loss. Your mom sounds like my mom and I bet you were just as embarrassed of that KMart talking when you were in little as I was. But those people who never meet a stranger are so special because they share their love of life and friendship where most people dont. And those are the memories you will pass down to the grandchildren.

you are in my thoughts.


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Dearest Patti, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Your mother was very lucky to have you through this terrible journey. As you were a wonderful daughter I am confident you will also be a fabulous Auntie! Our deepest sympathies to your entire family. The babies are here for a reason now and I think it is for lots of hugs! Stay with us please, we need you too.

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Dear Patti....I am sad for you and for all these wonderful grandchildren.  Your Mom's peaceful slipping away is comforting to know as now she is at peace leaving behind a legacy of who she was, a person who's memories will be cherished, forever.


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Dear Patty, I'm so sorry your Mom is gone, but thankful it was peaceful like you said.  That is a blessing to be free from pain.  May God bless and comfort your family.


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Dear Patty,
I am so sorry for your loss. Your mother sounds wonderful. I'm sure you'll tell her youngest grandchildren all about her and they can know her a little that way = the others will remember her and her legacy will live on.
I wish you peace in this time of sorrow - I know that losing your mother is a heartwrenching pain. All my sympathies to you and your family.
Joyce M

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Dear Patti,
   I am so sorry about your Mom, but glad that she was peaceful at the end.  She sounds wonderful, and I am sending you warmest thoughts.

Joyce C

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Dear Patty,  My sincere condolences.  I too am glad she had a peaceful end of life experience; a blessing from God.
Jeff G.

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I am soo very sorry to hear of your loss.  You seem like a wonderful and supportive daughter.  Keep those memories with you forever.  Easier said than done, I am sure.  I wish you and your family the best. May God bless you all especially the grandchildren.  Poor babies.  So young to be going through this.  Support them as much as possible. 

With a prayer,

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Dear Patty, I am so very sorry and sad for you that you lost your mom.  Your mom struck up a conversation with strangers in K-Mart.  My mom would wear a different wig everyday...different wig style....different color.  (I was mortified!)  I'd tell her to try to stick to the same color.  Perhaps as time goes by, and you feel stronger, you can make a scrapbook for each of the nieces and nephews about your beloved mom so they can know how wonderful their grandma was and how much she loved them.

My prayers for you and your family, Patty.


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I am so sorry for your loss.  I would like to think that our loved ones, your mom-my dad-and the others who have been taken recently, are communing in the stars supporting those of us who have pledged to unite in the fight against cholangiocarcinoma. 
I liked your story about your mom conversing with strangers.  My dad was like that, too, only it was during our many coffee dates at some coffee shop, and dad would call across the restaurant to people just walking in the door, "Hi.  How the hell are ya?"  I would shrink in my seat, yet the others would answer his greeting-equally loud, equally boisterous.  What I wouldn't give to have a moment like that again.  Thanks for letting me share this goofy memory with you...and I'm wishing you peace.  We'll visit again, I know.

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Re: my mom slipped away

Dear Patty,
I am so sorry about your Mom. I lost my Mom in 1994 to cancer. It is very hard. God be with you and your family.