Topic: TriCare for Life Vs Medicare Part B

Don't believe it ........ Because of my SSDI I'm automatically eligible and enrolled in to Part A Medicare. I have a choice to accept or decline Part B and/or wait for a later enrollment date.  So, I initially declined Part B Medicare because I had Tricare Life , a benefit for completeing a military career. However, the new laws publihed in the new 2008 Medicare booklet , tells me if I decline Medicare part B, I will loose TriCare, an earned benefit.  So in order to keep an earned benefit, I now have to accept part B and start paying a monthly premium to keep my TriCare where I only had to pay deductibles and co-pays before not a monthly premium unless I chose to upgrade to a TriCare Prime.  I know, I still got it pretty good compared to the outrageous premiums some have to pay.  I just wanted to point out just another weird thing, the law makers of our Government have done. I guess I'm now an official member of the Medical Insurance Frustration Alumni.   Basically, once your diagnosed with (ESRD) End Stage Renal Disease (CC), I loose an earned military benefit, if I don't take Part B and start paying  premiums. Twisted and got ya coming and going. Ha! So beware retired military friends, there gonna get ya!
Have a beautiful day!  I just reduced the auto Insurance on the vehicle without a lien holder to make up the difference.  As long as I don't run in to the garage door or something, I should be fine Ha! At least I'll have medical coverage if the door falls on my head.
God Bless,
Jeff G.
P.S.  I'm currently reviewing the 2008 Medicare and You booklet and will let ya all know if there is anything that may be of interest for anyone recieving medicaid or medicare services.  Cheerio!

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Re: TriCare for Life Vs Medicare Part B

Mmmm  Teddy has Cigna with his Medicare but we are always using just the Cigna. So, what good is Medicare? One has to have it for what? Teddy is a Korean Vet (Pork Chop Hill) and he has never gone to see if he is entitled to anything as he feels he survived where so many didn't and he is grateful for that. Just got a bill for the PET Scan and it was over 6,000.00 and we only had to pay 150.00 and are thankful for that. I think 150.00 is the new magical number as we seem to be paying that for ER and what ever. I always say things could be worse. By the way if you add an A and rearrange the letters of
Med. Ins. Frustration Alumni you get MAFIA! Jeff, you always make my day!