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Hello Everyone:

Have a couple of no doubt completely ridiculous questions for women out there who have gone through liver resection:

1. Intimate gear: during that "been run over by a truck" long recovery phase, what did y'all do to maximize comfort? GIant t-shirts? Loose shorts or pants? Did you temporarily wear very large shirts, underwear and bra in order to keep any contact from incision site? Or does a bra that fits actually aid in trying to keep things "in place" and most comfortable?

2. For those of you diagnosed at a young enough age to still be dealing with that "monthly friend," what happens if this strikes whilst you are about to undergo surgery or right after surgery? Is there something they can do to try and ensure that this monthly visitation can be held off for a few days?

Please forgive the very personal nature of these questions -- and count on me to just jump right in there.

Strength to all.

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Giant T-shirts and loose pyjama bottoms.  Didn't wear a bra for a couple of weeks until the area around the incision had healed nicely. 

Don't have my "monthly friend" anymore.  Yea!

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I didnt wear a bra for ages, but I am not so big that it is discomfortable to go without. Sometimes still (18 months later) my incision line wants to be painful and I will wad some tissue paper between the bra and scar.

I didnt have my period for about 3 or 4 months after my surgery, the shock to the body just stopped it. Which made me a little nervous as I was worried I might be pregnant, so if you dont get it dont worry too much.

Speaking of periods, I just want to add that my bowel movements get much lighter during my periods now. Since that was one of my first symptoms, when it happened the first couple of times, I had a complete freak out and was convinced the cancer was back, but no....just period related stuff. So if that happens to you, again, dont worry too muh as it could be a period issue.

Best of luck on surgery.


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HI Irene,

I didn't wear a bra for weeks, but when I did start to get out a little, I wore a sports bra.  I HAVE to wear a bra when I am in "public".  Trust me, no one wants to see that! I usually wear a sturdy underwire, and that didn't seem to be a good idea. The sports bra was soft and easy to put on (I got a front loader!) and it did give me some support.  I had trouble when I finally went back to work (after about 10 weeks) as I sit at a computer all day and the underwire was tough on my incision. 

Day to day I definitely wore loose tshirts and loose pajama bottoms. I was always cold too (it was Jan-Feb) so I usually had on a hoodie sweatshirt too. And socks. Comfy!

Luckily, I don't have to worry about my "monthly friend" anymore either. Yea!

Good luck!!!

Today is a new day. Congratulations, you are already a survivor!

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Hi Irene. My sister had to have her bra (always even slept with one!!) so she wore those barely there by maidenform regular or sports bras and that was good because they were soft and didn't irritate.  "Aunt Polly" as she is known in our family was a real nuisance. My mother was busy with my sister a few times in the hospital and now, even when she is in such decline, aunt polly still insists on visiting... on a more serious note, as the liver deteriorates, my sister is experiencing much clotting, not unsimilar to what one passes after childbirth. The dr. says, the liver produces some clotting factors as well as all the other good stuff and the period is affected my the liver malfunction. In anycase, hope it all goes really well for you and this was helpful. Belle.

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My period actually started while I was in the hospital recovering from my first surgery, but it was lighter than usual, and it was no problem. I had my husband go out and buy me a box of tampons, and was able to do everything else myself. If you're really worried, ask a nurse before you go in the hospital and they can reassure you. You will hardly be the first patient that has ever had this happen.

Please don't worry about small things like this now-- just concentrate on building up your strength, and enjoying every day as much as you can!

I hope everything goes brilliantly well for you!


Peace, hope, and healing to all!

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Hello Queen Irene,

I agree with Kristin.  No doubt you are worried about all this stuff, but they have tubes for everything and every situation.  Don't let yourself get crazy worrying about this stuff.  Concentrate on building your strength.  My big worry was how was should I wear P.J.'s or a nighty because the tubes would have to go through the sleeves or legs, and how was I going to walk around.  Those 2 days I was in the hospital they threw on a gown in the back like a cape, and I might have looked like Wonder Woman, but I was decent.   Are you downloading some Alison Krause on your MP3 player?  Alison is so soothing. 

I'm waiting for your surgery like I waited for my own and pray, pray, praying it is successful. 

My prayers for you,