Topic: Hello my dears!

Two new things!

Yesterday on Sunday my daughter Sarah felt my grandbaby move for the very first time.  My heart sings!

Also while I've been up here my niece Hollie has been making me smoothies using one of those Vita-Mix blenders.  She puts lots of spinach in it, and believe it or not, it is good.  I think these smoothies have been giving me some normalcy without having to take softeners.  Also the recipes she has been using have lots of Vitamin A for boosting the immunity.  I bought some protein powder, and I'm going to start adding that when I get back home.  I was hesitant about this investment, but I'm really impressed with these smoothies, and who knows...this could really be a great alternate treatment to complete the chemo and all the other horrors of this travesty.

I will be happy to send any recipes to anybody who is interested.

My prayers to you all.

Re: Hello my dears!

I'm glad you are doing well, Sophie.  I really need to pay more attention to my diet.  Your smoothies sound good.  I'm going to email you for the recipies. 

Good news on the grandbaby - how exciting!

Re: Hello my dears!

Sophie, you are just too much!!! Next thing you know we will turn on a TV Infomercial and see you selling blenders!! You sound like a wonderful person and I am so honored to meet you, not this way, but glad never the less. Keep on smiling!!


Re: Hello my dears!

Sophie - your smoothies taste somewhat like the blender mix I was making for Butch before the operation - lots of healthy stuff, and lots of calories, but - I think yours taste better! I am so happy for you - about the baby, I mean - grandchildren are God's reward to us for living through tough times.