Topic: Mom Just Diagnosed with CC

I guess I'm still in a state of minor shock but my mom's diagnosis was confirmed yesterday and she starts chemo treatment today.  The shock is minor only b/c over the years my mom (age 62) has suffered from numerous ailments the least of which has been gall bladder surgery and colitis which has brought us to her present problem.  She is a strong woman and has over come a lot of health issues to raise her family.  Her attitude...we'll do whatever it is we have to and deal with it.

My dad on the other hand, though equally as strong as my hero, is more fragile emotionally to all of this ahead of us.  He is actually a lung cancer survivor, free of cancer since his surgery this past February having gone through the chemo treatments a year ago and lucky enough to be relatively healthy while on Tarceva for the past 7 months.  They have gone through a lot the past 2 years with my dad's cancer...a rollercoaster ride of emotions.  And now it seems it is my mom's turn...the docs are describing her cancer as advanced...the oncologist is hoping the chemo will control the spread and even reduce the size of the tumors.  I guess we can only hope for the best and stay strong for my mom.

I live on the east coast while they are in CA closer to my brother.  My dad doesn't talk about it much over the phone...rather express it in email.  My husband and employers have been very supportive...and I am able to go where I need to virtually at a drop of a hat.  My biggest wish is for both my parents to be able to have as much quality time with my son who has just turned 5.  He is their only grandchild and they simply adore him.

Wishing everyone strength and hope!