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I have not been on the discussion for a while but I have got to post the good news for my mom being cancer free for 4 years since her diagnosis.  I remember there were times when I kept searching on the discussion board trying to find the long term CC survivers.  It sure was encouraging when I found these posts.  These peoples were our idols, role models and hope when I was filled with uncertainties during the time my mom was sick.  My sister and I now feel so privileged to be one of them to share the good news and be able to give hope to other patients and their families and friends.  It is so important to take one day at a time with the feeling of hope.  This discussion board has been an amazing place for us at difficult times.

I believe there are many more of those long term CC survivors out there but not well represented on this discussion board because they forgot they once had CC!

May positive attitudes be with you always!

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Maggie.....thank you for chiming in again with the most wonderful news imaginable.  I looked it up, dear Maggie, and realized that your last posting was dated August 2012.  I too believe that there are many more long term survivors, but for this or that reason, they don't return to share  the good news with us.  Thank you for thinking of us and spreading hope to others.


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Thanks for stopping in and posting this.  It is so true that there are probably more of these stories out there, but most want to just forget about the fact that CC was in there lives.  This board needs all these messages of hope.   Thanks for sharing yours.


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Dear Maggie, a huge YIPPEE for your Mother, as always I love waking up to good news! I want to put another spin on the long term survivors. Perhaps some feel a kind of guilt that they have done so well when so many have not. I just would like to say NO ONE should ever feel guilty or weird posting good news as the good news gives others a real boost of HOPE! Keep the good news coming and another big YIPPEE for your Mother!
P. S.  Teddy told me several times that when he returned from Korea (he was in the 82nd Airborne) he always felt guilty that he survived when so many were lost and he made a pact with God to always take care of others. That kind of guilt should not be, but is very real. To me it is much like our survivors here.


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Maggie-CONGRATS!!! CONGRATS MOM!! Everyone knows I post all the time because I want to give  HOPE!! I think in my 6 years of being a CC family member, the tide is slowly changing and there is more long term survivors, which is partly because of the sharing of symptoms, trials, and doctors that happens in this forum.
I know for me I share my story because for every exciting  moment and milestone I have had, there are two families not making the memories and milestones. I share, to honor my donors and give HOPE!!
Maggie and family keep popping in and giving HOPE, you are an inspiration.
Thank you God, 2 strangers, and Dr. Chapman for this post!!

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Hi Maggie,

Congrats to your mum!!!! THanks so much for sharing this with us as I know that your mums story will inspire and give hope to so many people and their loved ones out there. Am majorly chuffed for your mum!

My best to you and your mum,


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Congratulations to you and your Mom!!  I love hearing success stories!! big_smile

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Hooray for your Momma! Thank you for sharing HOPE  with all of us.  Live laugh and love.

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Great news!!

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I love the word HOPE! Congratulations to you and your mom!

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Congratulations!  Just like you, I come and go on this site, but part of what brings me back are the messages of hope and success.  I always looked for those when I was feeling most down.  I, too, just passed the 4 year mark (diagnosis 4 years this month, surgery Sept 27, 2012)..and hope that people reading these messages know that there is indeed hope.  May you keep getting those great reports.

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Thank you all I needed this hope today!

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Congrats to you and your mom!  Gives me HOPE! 


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That's great news about your Mom!  I just passed my 5 year anniversary in December.  I can honestly say I NEVER forget that I had CC (or my other cancers).  They are there in my mind most days, however, the fear is mostly gone until I am heading for a scan, then it returns but is much less than it was years ago.

I too searched and searched for survivors. I remember stalking people on facebook to see if they were still with us.  We all do crazy things to find a nugget of hope.  My wish is that this post gives somebody or many somebodies hope for the future.

Hugs to all and you all are never far from my thoughts and prayers.


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Re: Four years cancer free!'s so true about looking for nuggets of hope.  I am having my 6 month scan in two weeks so the old nerves are still there and active!  The one other thing I can't seem to shake is going to the dark place if I have an ache in my side or under my ribs. I have to do a lot of talking myself out being convinced that it has come back.   But it is a small price to pay for being well and enjoying the rest of my life.

This is the greatest support anyone could hope for.

Happy New Year, Everyone!