Topic: 9/11 Scan results

Hello Fighters,

               I would like to write nothing but positive words on here but that didn't come to be yesterday. My f-in-laws scan results showed the chlolangio had progressed into the stomach. He has been on Tarceva for about a month and has had stomach pain and not alot of appetite which the onocologist and ourselves credited it to the chemo. The doc sent him home and we are meeting with hospis tomorrow night. This was the last thing we wanted to hear but we have to accept it and make him as comfortable as possible for his hopefully last few months. For all of you out there fighting this beast I agree with Stacie find a aggresive onocologist that isn't afraid to try new treatments for Gemzar and Xeloda will slow it down but not kill the beast.
                My f-in-law wasn't ready to give up the fight but now he is so weak and with no appetite alternative treatments and diets are out of the question. I have read about Radio Frequency Ablation as a treatment which could be an option when battling this, also on the Cancer Survivors Network website there is a blog from robbins egg that said his wife tried Insulin Potentiation Therapy and is now cancer free. This is a questionable treatment which doctors don't reconize but this is not what they are trained in.

                What I have learned from this experience is do not listen to the time the docs give you at your prognosis, he who happens to be our kids no. 1 baseball fan got to travel all over the midwest the last 2 summers enjoying his favorite passtime. I will continue to research this beast and be apart of this site for I have experienced what It can do to a healthy individual. I am a firefighter and work 24 hrs. a day so I have alot of down time that I can research this disease which I have done for the last 19 months. If I stumble upon anything that looks promising I will make sure I post it.

                Does anyone have any experiences with hospis that might be helpful for this is all new to us and don't really know what to expect.

                                                                                                  God Bless,