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Hello all, great site.
I was just recently dignosed with CC and I'm now in the process of finding a place to get treated.
Any suggestions on where to go?

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Well, since you are up in Alaska, you may want to think about going to Seattle for treatment.  I'm in Washington state, and being treated with doctors affiliated with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.  One of my oncology doctors, Dr. Philip Gold at Swedish Hospital, was recently honored in "Seattle Magazine" as one of the top oncologists in the state.

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My best friend is an oncologist at the Fred Hutchinson cancer center in Seattle. She is always offering me advice and talks with her collegues. Next time I talk to her (it might be a couple of weeks as it is so hard with the time difference) I will ask her who she would send me to.


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Kris, let me know what she says as well.  I'm curious as to who she would recommend.