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My mom was diagnosed with cholangio Nov. 2004 at the age of 67.  She went to MD Anderson Jan. 2005 and started chemo shortly after in her hometown of Santa Cruz, CA.  She completed 12 rounds of gemcitabine and cystplatin.  The tumor shrunk after the 1st 4 treatments and then stabilized for the next 8 treatments.  I researched cyberknife at Stanford and asked Dr. Thomas at MD Anderson about this procedure.  She thought my mom was a good candidate so she went to Stanford.

Unfortunately, my mom's cyberknife procedure was called off on the day of the procedure (10/21) because the Radiation Oncologist (Dr. Koong) could only get 92% of the tumor.  He recommended Trilogy radiation which my mom just completed last month.  She underwent 33 treatments every day for 7 weeks.  She did great and continues to feel good.  My mom hasn't had any symptons from the disease after her bile duct was re-routed Nov. 2004 (when the cholangio was determined).  My mom is scheduled for a PET scan on 2/24 and then will meet with Dr. Goodman (Dr. Koong is on a sabatical) on 2/28.  I will be with my mom at the appointment and will update this website when I return.

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Congrats to your mom.  Can you give us a little more information about her initial diagnosis?  Did she have any metastatic disease?  Where were her tumors?

Could you also give more information on the trilogy radiation?

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My mom had a tumor in her bile duct which we were told was benign.  She went to UCSF for the Whipple procedure and when she was opened up, they determined she had cholangiocarcinoma.  They ended up re-routing her bile duct and removing her gall bladder.  The tumor has spread to her liver.

Here's Stanford's website for the Trilogy radiation: … gy/default

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Hi everyone,

It's been awhile since I posted.  It's hard keeping all of the various cancer forums up to date and things had been going well.  My mom's CT/Scan results last March showed that the tumor had shrunk so no treatments were scheduled.  She had another PET/CT scan in June and the cancer was stable so no treatments were scheduled.

Last August, my mom started having troubles with her stomach.  Her family doctor thought it was diverticulitis but when it didn't clear up, suggested at CT scan of the stomach and abdomen at Stanford.  This happened on 8/17 and the results are very upsetting.  It appears that the cancer has spread to her stomach and possibly bowels.  There are 2 new tumors on her liver.  She had her every 3 months PET/CT scan on 9/5 and she gets back the results tomorrow 9/13.  I will be with my mom at this appointment at Stanford.  I am scared.  I would appreciate any advice as I haven't stayed on top of the research these last 8 months due to things going so well.  I have printed off the clinical trials from the gov website.



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Sorry to hear your Mum CJ. I have nothing to give you info wise, but am sending my best wishes and love to you and your Mum.

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Thanks.  She has been throwing up all weekend.  My dad took her to Stanford earlier today and I am waiting to hear from him.