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Hey Friends,
I feel like this information has been given before, but I can't seem to find it.  Did somebody give a number of a great surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester who will accept medical records by mail and then let you know if he thinks he can help you rather than having to go there if you're a long distance away? 

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I didn't get a response on my last request so I'll reword it.

Is there anyone who has a wonderful surgeon who was willing to take a chance on their liver resection?  I need to know if that surgeon will accept all records and then let the person know whether they would be able to help them instead of having to travel all the way and not get any help.  I need the telephone number and name of doctor.

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Sophie, if you are willing to travel, we used a doctor here who was director of  transplants at St. Joseph Hospital where Teddy is getting his radiation. He helped us after we got back here from having Teddy's Whipple Surgery and saw us in June as a courtesy visit and he sent us to Dr. Kresl for the radiation and cyberknife. We think he is a god!!!  Dr. James Cashman
and his phone number is 602 252-3861. We said if we ever got in to the liver problems we would definitely go to him. Oops!  I just realized you wanted Mayo Clinic. Well, think about it and best of luck!!


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Hi Sophie,
David M. Norgorney, MD
Gastroenterologic and General Surgery
Mayo Medical School
Professor of Surgery
Mayo Clinic
200 First Street SW
Rochester,MN    55905
Phone:  507-284-2644
Fax:  507-284-5196

This was the surgeon who did my resection 9 1/2 years ago.  Sharp Individual.  He will do if there is no signs of mets, As he turned me down after it went to the lungs.  Which I can understand why.

I haven't made contact with him since 2 years ago, but I know he is still there and teaching and conducting surgeries.

Bless ya,
Jeff G.

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Hi Jeff,

How can I get the information of your medical record, so I can get experience from there? Or, could you pls brief something about your case from diagnos till now?

My Mum got a bowel obstruction after the resection, and had to stay 6 weeks in the hospital so far. Hope that I can get valuable information from you. Thank you so much for your kind response and help.

Hai Minh

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Hi haiminh---- I believe it is posted on this site back in October ,06.  If you go into the introduction forum and click on my name, then click show all post. I think this will get you my introduction.  I don't really think the information will help medically speaking.  If you are looking for specific treatments or pathology reports,etc. I might have mention them some where.  What exactly are you looking for? treatments I have done?  As I don't remember step by step of what and how I did things specifically only generally.  I would have to do a permission of release to get my own medical records for myself to review and determine exactly what I did and when.  I posted as I went, here on the site.  If your more specific of what you would like to see, I would be more than happy to help if possible.  I hope your Mum is doing okay?

Bless Ya!
Jeff G.

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Hi Jeff, thank u so much for your response. My Mum has been getting on well since yesterday, she started drinking and eating, hope that everything would be fine.

To be honest, Ihave been searching for your information but it is very difficult for me to scan through all of your posts, so if possible, could you please summarise your progress from diagnos untill now (just shortly brief on the timing and diagnos & kind of treatment, it's ok actually).

My proposal is, whether everyone can post and update his/her progress of diagnos and treatment on this forum, at the profile page (so they can update regularly and no one can add more thread on it) ?? If we can do so, it is very easy for anybody to get experience and information from there.

Thank you all so much.
Hai Minh

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Hi Jeff, sorry to disturb you again... the information was found out, just right after I posted the above message smile). this is very very useful, and your story, your fight... I dont know how to say... it's the greatest things that I have ever read. Best wishes for you and all of us.

Hai Minh

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   Just read the posts - been missing for a few days - Butch and I just got home from UPMC. Did you maybe read my post - Butch was refused surgery at Mayo - because of mets found pre-surgery in a laporoscopy. I wrote UPMC - great Surgeon - Dr. Gamblin - he requested all records - I sent them to him. He operated on July 16th - removed right lobe of liver (8.3 centimeter tumor) 1/4 of left lobe - smaller tumor, portal vein reconstruction, and removed bad lymph nodes. We are back in Endicott - he was in the hospital almost 6 weeks - all kinds of problems, - 3 infections, heart problems, fluid in lungs, etc., BUT - he is home now. Very weak, but recovering. Must take chemo when well enough, BUT - those dratted tumors are gone. Not bad for a 66 year old guy whose immune system was weak - from chemo - going in. We are very grateful to Dr. Gamblin - going down for a follow up visit on Sept. 10, and - even though I do NOT give our hospital stay there kudos (our blog is listed on family blogs, and tells the story) , we both say we would do it again - at least he has a better chance now, we feel.  I hope this helps you.  Go to - liver cancer center - find Dr. Gamblin and send him an e-mail - tell him I sent you to him! He actually said he read our site - at - a couple of times, and several other Doctors at the center were very interested in it also.   


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My husband is also recovering from surgery. It is tough, isn't it? We had to go to JH yesterday for 2 units of packed red cells because he is anemic. His surgery was 7/8, and went smoothly- no complications. Great care at JH. I hope your husband does well. God bless.


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Sophie, that is what has happened with my dad with Dr. Hoffman.

I had to pull together records and fax them and then my dad was given an appointment with a surgeon. That surprised me, as I didn't think anyone would be willing to operate on him, from what doctors said to me from our local hospital. I fully expected dad to be paired with an oncologist to start chemo instead.

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   So happy to hear your husband's surgery went well - recovery is VERY difficult. Butch is doing much better, but he is SO weak. Lost a ton of weight, and is not very interested in eating. I cajole, beg and plead, holler and throw a "hissy fit" to get him to eat (I am pretty good at it - had a lot of experience!) I am grateful, though , for the opportuntiy to "get it all", and - while not looking forward to his going back to chemo - think we are beter off than before he did this.