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My husband Brad passed away on August 17 after living over 2 years with the menacing CC. 

I was blessed to be his wife and caregiver.  I am so sad without him.  I hated to see him go through this.  He fought very hard even on the day the doctors said they could do no more. 

Jeff, I especially want to thank you for all the support you give to everyone on this website, while enduring your own battle.  I really don't know how you do it -- but we'll take it -- every supportive and positive post from you!
You and every family battling CC are in my daily prayers.


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Diane C... God's strenght and peace be with you! May Brad rest in peace.
God's Love,
Jeff G.

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Diane, I'm so sorry.  May yours and Brad's love and beautiful memories be a comfort to you.  I pray God's blessings for you.


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All my sympathy to you and your family, Diane. Your husband was a brave man and won't be forgotten.
-Joyce M

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Dianne,  so very sorry for your loss...  Your husband  was very blessed to have such a loving   wife. Wishing you peace . God Bless,    deb

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Dianne, I just want to echo all the sentiments and love going your way.  May God give you strength to get through this trying time.

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Sending you and your family my best thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry for your loss.


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I so appreciate your posts of condolences.    I was thinking this morning that the wonderful people here are the only ones who really understand this devastating disease, and what the patients/caregivers/families deal with each and every day.

Thank you,