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Just curious: the logo of the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. Is it supposed to metaphorically represent the biliary tree? Or is my imagination just running away....

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I thought is was an oak, a symbol of strength.

Oh the things we must ponder.....


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I imagine you guys can come up with better meanings to the logo than we ever envisioned!  You guys are so much more creative.  I'll share what I remember, and I will be interested in how Stacie and Rick recall the logo coming about...

I was talking with Stacie on the phone about possible foundation colors, laughing about how bile results in stools being colored brown, so we joked about brown being a possible color for the foundation.  We were talking about other colors as well, and somewhere along the way we had seen one website list green as a color for liver cancer.  So we considered green, and liked certain shades of green with brown.  At the same time, it was one of those good storm days in Houston, where all the trees were yielding to the strong winds, but not breaking, so I rambled about the connection to trees.  We brought the color scheme to the board, and not everyone was sold.  But we did use trees, grass, earth as good examples of why green and brown do go together, and the tree really stuck for many, strength, resilience, endurance...and the relationship to a biliary tree didn't hurt matters.  Plus, Stacie had one of her friends draw up some possible logos based on a tree, and they turned out really nice.  Honestly, I cannot recall where the tree went from being an argument of support of the color scheme, to being our logo.  It all was very seamless. 

Anyway, that is just my recollection.  I'm very curious to hear what Stacie and Rick recall.  It was almost two years ago, and my memory fades...

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I love trees!  I wish I had stayed in Maine instead of Kansas.  I guess I'll just keep planting them around the house.

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The tree represents a lot of things.  Sara's recollection of the colors are as I remember.  Green liver, brown bile - we thought that might cover our bases. 

I think a tree brings to mind so much symbolism and it just seemed right for us.  Certainly it could represent the biliary tract, we hadn't thought of that, but maybe that's why the tree  - there were so many options.  Strength, deep roots, diversity (different colors of leaves), life, branching out  - those were the things we were thinking about but we would love to hear what you think.


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hi stacie,

the "logo" for  Cigna (health care) is also a tree and it looks a lot like the treee for cholangio.  just thought i'd let you know.  sorry that i'm so late to bring it to your attention.  not sure that it matters...but just in case.

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