Topic: How is Jeff doing?

I read your last posting and am so worried about you. How are you doing?
Please if you're able keep us posted as I have come to love and care for you very much. You have helped me so much with John and everything else that as far as I'n concerned you are my Angel and a Saint!
With much love, many prayers and thinking of you daily,

Re: How is Jeff doing?

Hi Charlene and John,  Hope all is going as well as can be expected?  I am doing fine.  Went to my Onco this morning and got my morphine dosage increased as the dose I was on for over a year now has kinda worn off.  We discussed some more radiation treatments, but I'm holding off until October 25th.  We also discussed trying some Tarceva.  Again, I want my own immune system to get some type of recovery from all the chemo I've done in the last three or so years.  It's been about 2 months now and my appetite has been really good, but for some reason occasional difficulty with digesting, not to bad though.  My weight has basically maintained. I do have one soft tissue tumor that gives me trouble by compressing my spinal roots and my rib pain flares now and then.  My wife says at night time, I will once in a while have a big body jerk, so I have to try my hardest to stay in a certain position while sleeping. Other wise it doesn't bother me.  When I have my followup scan in October, we will devise a plan of attack.  Maybe chemo, radiation, or telescopic surgery. Maybe I'll feel good enough to hold off for that novel treatment, that seems to keep evading us. I will not go through major surgeries anymore.  I'm still staying fairly active, actually started on another house project this pass week.  Although my pace is slower and I need help with heavy stuff, I'm still getting the job done.  I went sea-dooing 2 weeks ago.  It wasn't planned. I just took stuff out of my pockets and went for it!  Had my wife sitting behind me and she was squeezing my ribs so bad and screaming, my adrenaline just poured.  Upon returning from the middle of the lake, I decided to end the ride in a thrill, a "loop de doo" and dumped us both. Ha! Loved it!  I didn't hear any more screaming Ha!Ha!  Man did I pay for doing it though, pain for three days straight.  By golly it was worth every moment!  I continue to do my EFT on a daily basis and attitude wise, it really is helping me.  Yes, I get down in the blues but when I apply EFT, I get that surge of energy to motivate. Well, that's How I'm doing at the moment.
You know, it is amazing how people on this website become your extended family and share each others trials and tribulations.  More so than some of your immediate family in my case.  It's sad but true.  But I understand their lives are happy and flourishing and busy with go , go, go,.  I can't begrudge them of living life to the fullest.  I 've tried keeping up a few times, but the stamina just isn't always there.  Each day is new and different and I have to adapt to the challenge and live it, or go crazy.  Beings I'm already crazy, I adapt easily.
Charlene,  "DITO" with your thoughts and feelings.  It's so awsome to have such great cyber relations, especially when there is no doubt the thoughts and feelings are truly flowing from the heart.  It defines a new meaning of the saying,"common bond".  Charlene, When or if you feel you need, my offer stands with talking with John.

Bless You Both!
Jeff G.
P.S.  Thanks! You both will continue to be in my prayers along with to many to list, they all know who they are.

Take it to the Limit,One More Time! (Eagles)

Re: How is Jeff doing?

Yeah!  So glad to hear your "voice".  You are an inspiration to us all! In fact I refer to you as my buddy Jeff to all friends and family, so you have even more family than you could imagine. And such drama queens!!  Imagine spending a 4 night weekend with Sicilian drama heroes!! You go and you take it to the limit one more time. And when you are done with your house I have a few odd jobs you could do!!