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My mother was diagnosed with Klatskin's tumor earlier this year.  She is only in her late 50's.  She never smoked, ate healthy, exercised and only consumed alcohol on social occasions.  Fortuneately, she was a candidate for surgery.  In fact, they were not able to get a biopsy sample until the day of surgery but they were pretty sure it was CC of the common hepatic duct (Klatskin's Tumor) based upon location and presentation.  It took her 4 months before she got out of the hospital because of several complications which included infections of various types and bleeding from ulcers which were probably aggrevated by stress. 

She had her right hepatic lobe and gall bladder removed as well but both of those organs came back negative for cancer and the 2 lymph nodes they biopsied were also negative for cancer.  The cancer seemed to be localized in the common hepatic duct and perhaps a bit was going up the right hepatic duct (which was removed with the right hepatic lobe) but the margins were negative.  They anastomosed the left hepatic duct to the jejunum.

Since, she has left the hospital she has had 2 episodes of cholangitis where she had to be readmitted for IV antibiotics.  It appears there maybe a surgical stricture at the end of the left hepatic duct which is connected to the jejunum.  This may make her prone to cholangitis.

She had the surgery done at a large community hospital.  She is going to the University of Michigan to see if see needs any further treatment.  She is against chemotherapy because chemotherapy has not been proven to be very effective against CC and she has already been through so much.  In addition, she will see if anything can be done with this surgical stricture she has of the left hepatic duct.  Her surgeon does not believe the cancer has reoccurred that quickly.  Her CT of the chest, abdomen and Pelvis have all been negative. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Are there chemo agents that others have taken in her situation for prophylaxis that do not have a lot of side effects?  Do the frequency of cholangitis decrease over time?

God bless to all of you who have gone through difficult times.

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There is quite a bit of information on this board about Chemo agents that have been tried with BDC.  Unfortunately there are no sivler bullets.
I also had a Klatskins tumor and some bouts with Cholangitis.  I have been reasonably successfull limiting the Choangitis with diet.  In part you want to minimize mucus as much as possible.  This means restricting mucus forming foods like coffee and dairy products.  Fresh fruits and dark green vegatables.  Restrict or eliminate red meat.  I am not a nutritionist but you may wanto to seek advice in this area.
It's important to try to limit the Cholagitis so she doesn't build up scar tissue which can restrict the small bile tubes.
Best of luck to your Mom and all your family,

Re: Mom diagnosed with Klatskin's Tumor

I was wondering someone knows of a patient with klatskin's tumor (cholangiocarcinoma of the common hepatic duct) that was cured of the disease after the resection with negative margins and negative lymph nodes?