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Hi everyone,
We saw the oncologist and she wants John to continue the Tarceva until 10/6 when she will give him another ct scan to see if the meds are having any effect.

We sat and talked to him for quite a while and she asked him some pretty difficult questions as to what he thought the outcome of the cc was going to be. He admitted he wanted to do ANYTHING to stay alive.
The Dr. was so wonderful explaining what was going to happen at the next ct scan and told him that he should be concerned with his cc but that he really should be spending as much time with his family and definately get his affairs in order,( He won't write a will ). Thank God we live in Ca.

She explained that if there was no change in the tumors she would continue to treat him with the Tarceva but if the Tarceva wasn't working she would put him in hospice. She explained Quality not Quantity was more important and I thank God she told him that.

She raised his pain meds to 160 mg twice a day and raised his fast acting from 30 mg 3-4 X per day to 60mg 3-4 X a day.
The tumor in his pancreas is REALLY HURTING. She's going to ask another Dr. about a pain block. She wasn't sure it is workable for pancreatic cancer.

As you can see he is very ill.  I love him so much I pray it's working, but if it isn't I pray he goes fast and in his sleep. I just want peace for him and no more pain.

Well I'll close for now but I will keep everyone updated and pray for you all.
God bless and heal each one of us,

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Dear Charlene,
So sorry the news couldn't be better for John and you.  Hopefully he will get relief for the pain in his pancreas.  I too pray that when the time comes for my husband to pass the Lord takes him quickly and without pain.  I will pray for John and you also.

Wishing all God's blessings!

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Charlene--- I'm with you guys all the way!  I pray and send my love and support.  I still do believe in miracles, although I accept reality as well. They don't always come to you. But I would give up mine anyways, for some child who wants nothing but to reach age five.

God Bless You Both,
Jeff G,

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Charlene: Sometimes it just helps to know what chair you are sitting on even if you don't like the chair! I really believe we all want to see our loved ones just be peaceful and to have little or no pain and to go in dignity! Hopefully the talks will ease things up for you now for the stoney road ahead. Stay strong and know that we are all thinking about you and you are in all our prayers.