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Topic: CC Won't Forget Our Children

We have the smarts to know that life is not fair
Battling Cholangiocarcinoma is certainly not a dare!

For us the future my be grim or somewhat bright
It's not only us, but for our children, don't throw in the towel, not this fight!

As time keeps spinning like a fishing lure
We must not give up the fight for a cure!

Being proactive and spreading the news
Will allow reasearchers, to write great reviews!

Lets send our letters to Oprah many not a few
Lets support Cholangiocarcinoma.Org and our children, I did won't you?

If we don't step up and make everyone aware
Our children and grandchildren can't ever beware!

Yes painful memories that will hurt us the most
But Oprah can make a difference, if only she was our Host!

I love my life and as I'm sure you do too
I love my children and grandchildren this is also true!

God Bless Our Children and you too!
Jeff G.

Take it to the Limit,One More Time! (Eagles)

Re: CC Won't Forget Our Children

Jeff, quit making me cry!  I love what you wrote and you too.  Hope your family is doing well also.


Re: CC Won't Forget Our Children

OK, you gone and done it again! No wonder your slogan is take it to the limit....
I was just trying to think of today's reminder and you just said it perfectly!!
                                 Please don't any of you leave us in the lurch,
                                 Write your letter, so on Oprah we can perch! 

                                 We need to tell the world of our plight,
                                  Of our heroes and how we fight with might!

                                 Not one more person should become one of us,
                                 If we don't get help soon I will start to cuss!!   
OK, what do you expect on a Saturday morning!!!!!!!

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