Re: I need advice on decision to do chemo. Pls. Help

Dear Patricia,

Your original post resonated with my doubts about my mom's treatment, and I found it very helpful.  I think you are really honest and brave for having posted it.  Thank you. 

I am very sad to hear about your experience on gem/cis.  I'm sending you warm thoughts for strength and peace.


Re: I need advice on decision to do chemo. Pls. Help


Wow, sounds like chemo is really putting a dent in your quality of life.  I commend you for at least trying it.

I wonder if there is a less toxic chemo that would help you but not give you these horrible side effects.  What does the onc say?  I am just saying this because for me, I would want to have considered every option available and then decide. (and you may have already done this, so sorry if I am saying something you already know).

My thoughts are with you and I hope whatever you do will give you peace and comfort.


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